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RECIPROCITY FEE for US, Canadian and Australian Citizens - Online payment

Fecha de actualización: 30/07/2015

In order to enter Argentina, the nationals of the following countries must pay a "Reciprocity Fee" in accordance with the following chart.

The payment of this fee is NOT a visa since Argentina does not require visa to citizens of the above mentioned countries when traveling for tourism purposes.

The Argentine Government set this entry fee on equal amounts to the fees Argentine citizens must pay when requesting a visa to travel to those countries.

Note: Rates subject to modifications based upon reciprocity. Or its equivalent in Argentine pesos.

Method of Payment

Payment must be made before entering the Argentine Republic, online at: http://www.migraciones.gov.ar  and go to: Pay your reciprocity fee

Payment can be made with the following credit cards only: Visa, American Express, Mastercard.

The voucher received must be printed and submitted to the immigration authorities. The period of validity of such proof will begin from the date on which the payment was made.


1- Argentine nationals who also bear US, Canadian, or Australian citizenship, and present any of these passports at the Immigration control.
2- Foreign nationals bearing regular US, Canadian, or Australian passports in transit.
3- Foreign nationals bearing regular US, Canadian, or Australian passports who have permanent residence in Argentina.
4- Foreign nationals bearing Canadian passports with a business visa.
5- Foreign nationals bearing official or diplomatic passports from the US, Canada, or Australia.

Those foreign citizens who have already paid the Reciprocity Fee in the past and it is still valid, do NOT have to pay the fee again.

VERY IMPORTANT:  United States, Canadian or Australian citizens MUST pay the Reciprocity Fee online before their arrival into Argentina.

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