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Working Holiday Visa

Updated date: 11/06/2015

The primary intention of the Working Holiday Visa is to holiday in the Argentine Republic with employment being an incidental rather than the primary reason for the visit. Participants in this Program are not permitted to engage in permanent employment during their visit and may register in training or study courses, no longer than three (3) months, during their visit to Argentina, in particular Spanish language courses.
The "Work and Holiday Visa" program encourages cultural exchange and closer ties between Argentina and Ireland by allowing young people to have extended holiday supplemented by short-term employment.

The transitory visa is valid for a period of six months from date of issue, renewable for other three months at the Immigration Service Office in Argentina.


  • The completed (computer filled) application
  • Valid Irish passport (valid for the entirety of the trip to Argentina i.e. for a full year after their ticketed date of entry);
  • 2 recent identical passport photographs with your name on the reverse;
  • Current curriculum vitae (please also enclose reference letter/s);
  • Accreditation of Academic Achievements (original + copy of certificate/s);
  • Last bank statement (last 3 months - original letter from the Bank);
  • A Police Certificate (Certificado de Antecedentes) that confirms that you have no criminal background throughout your life. The date of issue has to be as close as possible to the date of your trip. Please note that Police certificates are required from all countries where you have lived in for more than 1 year within the last 3 years;
  • Amount of Credit/Debit Card limit (original letter from the Bank);
  • Return airline tickets (BOOKED TICKETS ARE SUGGESTED BEFORE VISA APPROVAL). You can inform about ideal date of arrival in Argentina in the application form;
  • Certificate of medical/travel insurance valid for the duration of the trip (based on dates on tickets) – Original letter from Insurance Company.


Once the Embassy is satisfied with the documentation above, the application will be approved in principle and the applicant notified.

The fee for the visa application is €50.00. Once you have all documents you should phone the Embassy to arrange an appointment.

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